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SAWSOC Objectives      


SAWSOC objective is to identify, implement, and validate techniques for achieving the convergence of physical and cyber security solutions. More in detail

  1. Advancing the state of the art of some of the key physical and logical security technologies (namely: SOC, SIEM, Video Surveillance, PSIM, IM, Forensics, and Building Automation)
  2. Developing techniques for correlating physical and logical security services from the physical and electronic domains to achieve a consistent view and to be able to produce an irrefutable record of who did what, where, and when
  3. Implementing those techniques in what we call a Situation AWare Security Operations Center (SAWSOC), i.e. an integrated platform for providing sophisticated security services combining in modular way diverse information from multiple sources
  4. Demonstrating and validating the proposed techniques and the framework by performing a thorough experimental campaign with respect to three substantial case studies, namely: Maintenance Impacts and Attack Recognition on Critical Infrastructures (MIARCI), Energy Production and Distribution Critical Infrastructure (EPDCI), and Crowded Events Safety & Security (CES&S)
  5. In addition to experimental evaluation in the domain of the three use cases, the Consortium will study the applicability of the proposed solutions to a wider scope, i.e. to critical infrastructure domains other than air traffic management and energy production, and to crowded events in contexts other than sports.
  6. Experiments will also be used to derive best practices for optimal deployment of the security technologies in real world settings


Work Packages

In order to achieve its objectives, SAWSOC has identified the following areas of work: